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Points to Consider When You're Shopping for the Best Deal...

Price is an important component in your decision to choose a company for your event.  We understand that, and hope you'll find our pricing to be very competitive.

As you compare companies, (in addition to price), be sure and ask about Insurance Coverage, Tax , Delivery Charges, Cancellation Fees and the Company's Track Record.

Insurance Coverage:  Liability insurance premium prices have increased up to 50% in 2005.  We have heard stories of some companies cutting back on coverage, or not covering every piece of their equipment.  Insurance is important to shield you against liability from any accident caused by equipment failure or installation problem.  We carry full liability insurance on each piece of our inventory, and are proud to say that we've never had an accident or a claim of any sort.

Sales Tax:  Be sure and ask specifically if the quoted price includes sales tax.  Some companies tack on an additional 6% sales tax, but don't mention it until after you've made your reservation.  We pay "use tax" on our equipment, so no sales tax is added to our prices.

Delivery Charges:  Be sure and inquire about additional charges for delivery above the base rate... another surprise that you don't want to find out about later.  Any quotation received from The Royal Bounce Company will be all inclusive.

Cancellation Fees:  We have heard from customers that some companies charge a fee if you need to cancel your reservation in advance.  Our cancellation policy is simple- and there are no charges.  Just contact us and let us know your plans have changed.  You can reschedule or cancel, for any reason, at any time up to the morning of the event, where we ask for a 4 hour notice to readjust our delivery schedule.

Track Record:  Your event is very important to you and your guests.  It's a gamble to go with someone renting bouncers in their spare time.  It can also be a problem renting from one of those huge rental companies with reservation offices out of state.  Inquire as to the nature of their company, their years in business, and the number of rentals they have done.  Choose a company that can make the commitment to follow through.  The Royal Bounce Company has been in business since 2000, is a licensed Michigan Corporation, and has delivered bouncers to over 1500 events. 

We'll work hard to make your event a success! 




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